Box 3. The Troya golf club: The encounter of box 1 and 2 give birth to this third one who is the form of our Iliad staged. Here are presented the different metaphorizations at work with the golf ground and the references that may be used for all the process of creation

At the beginning Felix came with this idea of staging the Iliad on a golf ground for the different meanings and possibility of metaphors mentioned in Box 1 and 2 :

–      the game of the powerful men, reserved to a certain elite

–      a game that turns around “holes”, that is animated by something which has the sign of “the emptiness”: interesting picture for this Troyan war where we don’t see what is the CLEAR motivation; a war that is impulsed by the idea of a lack to fulfill (the missing woman Helène/ Briseis), where you have strong rules and etiquettes (cf MATERIAL list) very seriously exhibited but, again, all this seriousness, just for A Game

–      a pathway in which the struggle is more the one of “appearance”: how each golfer will specify his game, which style he uses and, again, which representation of himself he puts at work and with which he wants to win the other. Strong presence of “conversation” inside the game which turns the golf in a kind of intellectual game  (cf BOX 1: anger and mens) where what is at stake is always a bit more than a sportive party (cf Politicians and golf)

–      A “fake” progression since the walk, the long walk in the golf field is always restricted by the limits of the ground. It is an illusive terrain where you are more turning on yourself then doing step further: exactly what Troya’s war is.

These different elements offer interesting possibilities for movement research since in this restricted combination of “3 men and 1 hole”: everything will be a matter of struggle of presences that each one builds in front of the other, with different balance possible in the constellation: 2+1/ 1+1+1/ 3…

Then Felix started to research more precisely on what are the rules of golf, precisely (CF MATERIAL) and other parallel appear:

– played by 3 golfers around 9 holes (the Troyan’s war is 9 years…the 10th is finished and this 10th is even not present in this narrative of Homer. This shows again that, what is interesting for him is the game, is the moment “just before it is accomplished”, just before the holes are completed…)

–      the involvement, behind the players of a whole “club”: a micro society where the functions are reproduced (president, manager, gardener…)

–      the presence of the money for the said “professional”…

This material is a source of inspiration also for movement research

Then  we both started, thanks to our visit of troya site, to construct a fiction. The association came probably because of the absurdity of the attraction offered to tourists at the entrance of the site: to take a picture in costume, dressed as a troyan warrior or a greek princess .


Seated next to the souvenir shop, we were watching this scene, observing people wearing their cosutmes and totally “playing the game” of representation. Seen from the back, one can see the real dress of this russian couple and pass under the illusion of the picture that is, at the same time, taking all the attention of the photographed people. They are “in” and they are watching towards this representation more than what is said by their real presence now: this mascaraed of going back in History that is so strong, so attracting that it can let one forget the reality of the present: the picture of touristic consumption, on what all the Troya’s site is also based. Felix entered in a fiction from this: let’s say that this commercial dispositive finally did not work enough. Troya as a site of memory is not attracting enough: we should invent something else, we should invest in something else.

Then, some rich investors had the idea to transform the site into a golf club, to cover it or to extend it towards the sea by creating ground with garbage (as it is done in Japan). This gives birth to Troya-Golfclub. At first sight, a club as any other, with this set of rules mentioned above. But little by little, will appear a ground much more complex on which the relations of the trio is full of complexity that will rise through the piece. It may start from one of the player, the one who stays a bit aside, the one who may be an “amateur‘ in the field of the professional but, precisely because he doesn’t know the rules, is able to open an other game, as someone would have opened an other point of view in front of the Troya’s touristic site by looking behind, by looking the process of wearing costumes more than the obvious representation…


–      the elegant “players”: Blow up, Godard…

–      Felix’s research about golf

–      the last scene of Blow up with clowns


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